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CCTV Drain Surveys

Strange odours, or gurgling sounds, from drains and toilets, may signify a blockage or waste struggling to flush freely down the toilet could be an indication of serious plumbing issues.

These re-occurring problems can be solved easily and directly assessed with a CCTV drain survey, with Cotswold Drainage able to find a solution and rectify the problem. Get in touch with us today to help solve your drainage issues with advanced CCTV camera equipment.

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What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a comprehensive inspection of your drainage system using advanced camera technology. It allows our team to inspect the drains without any excavation or disruption to your property. This method can identify issues such as blockages, leaks, root intrusion and structural damage.

By carrying out a video drain inspection, our expert team can view and assess your drains in real-time, identify any issues at hand and provide solutions to keep any long-term problems from occurring.

You may be experiencing problems with your plumbing and drainage systems, including drain blockages, slow flow rates or bad smells, and be unsure what the best method of action is to take. That’s where Cotswold Drainage will offer our expert guidance on what the ideal option is after we create a detailed drainage report.


It’s possible to have a drain camera survey performed on any type of property – domestic or commercial. These are ideal for those moving into a new home, who are experiencing significant drainage problems or simply want peace of mind knowing your drains are in working order.
The process involves sending our robust, waterproof and durable cameras down your drains which offer a live view of the systems.

We record the whole process to not miss anything of importance, while also noting down anything we spot there and then. We can adapt to your surroundings with our engineers having the necessary tools, such as waterproof cameras, access rods, crawlers and SONAR units, to survey all types of drains and systems.

Once we have searched your drains to find the problem, we will retract the cameras and other equipment and create a report with viable solutions to choose as the next steps.

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Your CCTV Drain Survey Specialists

No matter the size or type of property, Cotswold Drainage can expertly assess your drains with our high-tech and durable equipment.

Our drain inspection services are tailored to your site with efficiency and hassle-free professionalism. We have over 25 years of experience in identifying drainage issues with extensive knowledge of the ideal fixes and making suggestions for any long-term action.

You’ll highly benefit your property and your drain systems with our CCTV surveys.

Drain camera inspection specialists

Fast and Efficient

We understand the urgency of drainage issues. That’s why our team is trained to perform thorough drain CCTV surveys within an hour, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule.

Same-Day Reports

Transparency and communication are crucial to us. We provide same-day reports of our findings, detailing the condition of your drainage system and any potential issues we’ve identified. This speedy turnaround means you can take immediate action if necessary, preventing any potential problems from escalating.

Affordable Pricing

Our drain CCTV surveys are competitively priced, starting from just £190 + VAT. This cost includes the survey, our expert analysis and the same-day report. We believe in providing a top-quality service without breaking your budget.

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We have an amazing team to help get your drains up and running smoothly.

Our friendly, reliable, and expert team will always be on hand to provide you with the necessary drainage solutions. Working hard to get the job done as quickly as possible with the utmost efficiency and care, so that your life can get back to normal. There is nothing more important to us than keeping you in the loop, our engineers will keep you updated sending you reminders, and checking our visit will still be convenient to your needs.

Our Drain Inspection Services

Cotswold Drainage serves both commercial and domestic properties, ensuring safe and well-working drains and assessing any problems with our CCTV drain inspection.

Commercial Drain Survey

We understand that any business downtime needs to be avoided. Don’t let severe drainage problems for your commercial sector interfere with productivity. We offer our CCTV drain services to identify any costly and invasive drainage issues before it’s too late.

We can help with any blockages, damages or bad odours that could be deterring your guests, employees and clients and provide solutions to get your business back to smooth working order.

Get in touch with us to provide you with a free quote for a commercial CCTV drain survey.

Drain inspection services
Domestic Drain Survey

Domestic Drain Survey

The last thing you’ll want is the hassle of serious blockages or repairs needing to be fixed that will cause great disruption to your schedule. We can come out to your home to identify any issues you may be facing with your drainage system.

Our CCTV surveys can help you save money in the long run and prevent you needing to excavate your property to assess problems including tree root intrusion, blockages and structural damage. For emergency problems or an efficient service that will benefit first-time buyers, enquire about a domestic drain survey here.

Why Cotswold Drainage?

Got an emergency drainage problem and need help quickly? Cotswold Drainage is a drain inspection company available 24/7 to solve your issues. No matter the size, problem or location, we are here to provide crucial help.

Here at Cotswold Drainage, our team has over 25 years of experience and the expertise guaranteed to sort your problem quickly with minimum fuss, leaving you more than satisfied.

We offer a 6-month warranty, along with camera surveillance and a guarantee that you will receive follow-ups during and after your 6-month warranty.

We operate a large fleet of vehicles, equipped with specialist equipment for any situation, including CCTV for on-site surveying of the problem or damaged drain system, and also our high-power jetting system for removing blockages and drain cleaning.

We keep you in the know during every step of our services, helping you understand why recurring issues happen, and offer guidance and expertise on the best practices to avoid future problems. We ensure that once our initial services are complete, we will leave everything clean and tidy as we found it. We truly value our customers during every step of the process, leaving you more than satisfied when we get the job done.

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Areas We Serve

We provide comprehensive drainage solutions in the Cotswold area and beyond. We reach your location efficiently ready to take on any task. If you have an issue with your drainage system in these locations, give us a call and we’ll come to your domestic or commercial site in no time.

We serve:

  • The Cotswolds
  • Worcester
  • Stratford
  • Cheltenham
  • Gloucestershire
  • Malvern
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Redditch
  • Warwick

Drain inspection FAQs

Which Issues Can A CCTV Drain Inspection Identify?

There is a wide range of issues a CCTV drain inspection can identify including, blockages, structural damage, flow issues, root intrusion, displaced joints, fat build up, broken segments and fractured/collapsed pipes – a drain camera survey can provide live visual feedback without the need to cause any excavation or disruption to your property.

How long does a video drain inspection take?

The length of a video drain inspection will vary on factors such as the length and diameter of the drains and the size of the drainage system. Typically, Cotswold Drainage can perform a survey within an hour or two, but for larger systems, it will take a longer amount of time. We can provide you with a free quote which will inform you of the estimated time it will take to perform.

What does a CCTV drain survey report include?

A CCTV drain report contains important data that will be used to confirm the condition of your drains. An overview of the survey job, how long it took, the length of the drainage inspected, and the preliminary findings are all included in a CCTV survey report. A map of the drains, a survey sheet and a comprehensive list of recommended solutions based on the findings will also all be included. We also offer the video and picture evidence that was captured during the survey within the report.

Can you inspect all types of drains?

Our CCTV drain surveys are versatile to inspect various types of drains across domestic, commercial and industrial properties. We can inspect different-sized drains as well as underground and above-ground drains, including sewer lines, stormwater drains, plumbing systems and some types of ductwork.

When do you need CCTV?
We recommend a CCTV survey if you're experiencing repeat issues. The CCTV will identify the problem area and we will be able offer an effective solution. We also recommend a CCTV survey if you are buying a new property. We would be able to map the drains and also do a full survey of the underground drainage. This will give you a full understanding of the condition and where all the drains run. On completion you will be issued a full drain report, a layout of the drainage as well as a quote for any remedial work to be completed.

What we offer.

Here at Cotswold Drainage, our team have over 25 years’ experience and the expertise guaranteed to sort your problem quickly with minimum of fuss, leaving you more than satisfied.

We offer a 6-month warranty, along with a free drain camera survey and a guarantee that you will receive follow-ups during and after your 6-month warranty.

We operate a large fleet of vehicles, equipped with specialist equipment for any situation, including our high-power jetting system for removing blockages & cleaning, and also CCTV for on-site surveying of the problem or damaged drainage systems.

Don’t just take our word for it, read our incredible reviews left by our valued customers.

  • “Very quick and efficient service at a reasonable price - no need to go anywhere else.”
  • “Can’t recommend Luke highly enough, went above and beyond to sort our nasty blockage on a Saturday night in awful weather. Friendly, professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Cotswold drainage again!”
  • “Called today and they were here well within an hour. Polite and cheerful operative did a fantastic job and kept us informed about what and why all the time. I can well understand why your reviews are so good. Would recommend without a moment's hesitation. Thank you!”
  • "Cotswold Drainage were truly excellent. They were very efficient in what was a miserable job, digging out a foul drain and un-blocking it, in cold rainy weather and removing a spirit level!!! and then leaving us after ensuring that everything was left as clean and tidy and as it was before the big dig started. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for a professional and personable service.”