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Why should I check the drains before I buy a house?

15th September 2022

Buying a new home can be an exciting but overwhelming journey, making sure your potential home is fit for you and your family is important, after all, it’s a big financial investment. One thing you can do to prevent unnecessary and costly events, later on, is to get the drainage systems checked. You want to make sure that you’re not inheriting any drain problems causing you to pay hefty bills before you’ve even settled in.

The Importance of Checking Drains


If the drains in the home are not in a good condition, this could cause a potential blockage and clog up, this may lead to the water backing up into your home and flooding causing damage, so not only will you need to pay for the drains to be fixed but your walls and floors too. Identifying this problem early allows the blockage to be cleared in good time.

Save you money

It may be that the current owners do take good care of their home, but drains can still block over time from debris so they will still need to be cleaned out to avoid further damage.

Keep your home’s value

Some people may refuse to buy a home that has damaged drains because of all the cost and potential damage it could cause to the home, reducing the cost. However, by getting the drains checked and reporting any severe damages, you could ask for the damages to be rectified before you sign the contracts, protecting your investment.

Save Water 

Blocked drains can prevent water from flowing freely through the pipes, this issue could lead to wasted water. This is something that you may not pick up on for many months, which will influence your water bill. Also, checking taps and pipes for any leaks can help reduce the amount of water used from your home, essentially saving you money.

Avoid Health Problems

Drains that are backed up or slow draining can be a breeding ground for several bacteria and other unsafe germs. These can lead to major health problems for those within the home, especially young children, and those with weaker immune systems. So, making sure the drain is regularly cleaned and in good working order can help prevent these problems.

Water Damage

Having the home checked can let you see if there is of any water damage, if there is, one culprit could be a poor or damaged drainage system. So, if you see any signs of water damage make sure to check out what is causing it and if it can be easily fixed.

So, remember when you are buying a new home, whether your first, second or final forever home, make sure to get the drains checked over. You don’t want to waste any precious time and money on drainage issues that could have been avoided or seen in the checks. If you are moving home and would like the drainage checks completed or you want to book your current home for a drains maintenance check, call our friendly team on 01386 882324.