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5 Ways to help you maintain your drain health in the home

21st January 2022
  • Use a Drain Guard
  • Use Boiling Water Regularly
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Washing Pets
  • Let us do the cleaning for you

You may have heard the phrase; prevention is better than a cure. The same phrase can also be used for your drainage system, a part of the house that is often overlooked before it becomes a problem. We depend on our drains every day and when they do go wrong, or you experience a blocked drain it can cause mayhem!

Here are five simple ways to help you maintain your drains:

Use a Drain Guard

Most plugholes come with drain guards but it’s always good to install them to reduce the volume of waste that gets washed down your sink. They come in plastic or metal and they’re a small disc-style grate that sits on top of your plughole to collect waste which you can remove and empty into the waste bin. You can buy drain guards to cover most of your plug holes including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and showers, which is one of the most important ones as loose hair can clog more quickly and cause your shower to overflow, so it’s worth emptying your shower grate frequently.

Use Boiling Water

Hot water helps with the breakdown of oils and can improve sluggish drains, it’s one of the simplest ways to maintain your drain health and is accessible to most of us. We recommend that once a week you boil your kettle or pan of water and give your kitchen drains a flush.

Garbage Disposals

If you have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen it’s important to give it a regular clean. Plan on cleaning it once a month with a sturdy disposer brush. Another way to help keep your garbage disposal in good condition is to flush it out with cold water followed by half a lemon or lime to give it some added freshness.

Washing Your Pets

Most of us wash our pets in the bathtub and some even take them into the shower to save on having to chase them around the house when they’ve escaped the bath! Washing your pets can be a massive task, but it is harder on your drains than you think. Pet hair is quite oily so it can easily find its way through the plughole grate that we’ve recently installed. Another way to help collect pet hair is to place a facecloth or a tea towel over the plughole to catch your pet hair. You can then take the cloth outside and hang it to dry. 

Let Cotswold Drainage do the Cleaning for You!

Let us help you with your drains. An annual health check is it all takes to keep your drains health in tip top condition, this is the best way to keep your drainage system flowing free from debris. However, if you are faced with a problem and you are not sure how to move forwards then get in touch with our professional team and we will provide you with some sound advice. 

We can also help in an emergency, we’re on call 24/7 365 days a year to support you with burst pipes, blockages,  commercial properties and more. We also provide a Free CCTV Survey to identify the cause of your problem to help you fix it and prevent it from happening again!