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Septic Tanks: Your questions answered

22nd April 2022

Septic Tanks are prone to a gradual build-up of deposits and a slowing down of the natural digesting action of the micro-organisms which normally break them down. Leading to malfunctioning of the septic tank causing, blockages, bad smells, overflowing and consequent boggy conditions in the overflow area around the septic tank.

 Can a septic tank cause the toilet not to flush? 

A common sign of septic tank problems is a toilet that's slow to flush, overflowing or just won't flush at all, and a plunger can't fix the issue. The tank may be full or there could be a blockage in the pipes, so make sure you get this looked at sooner rather than later to avoid major issues and more costs.

How often should I empty my septic tank? 

Every septic tank varies and depends on the size and condition of the tank, some septic tanks require emptying every three to five years, some once every 12 months and some more or less frequently. It all depends on the size, the use and the condition of your tank. However, don't make the mistake of waiting until yours is full before doing so because the more sludge there is in your tank, the less efficiently it will work and the more chance there is of it becoming blocked.

Should my septic tank smell? 

A correctly maintained septic tank should never smell! If you notice a horrible drain smell in your house or out near the drainage field, this is a sign that there is a problem with the system, and you should have it checked out by a professional.

Are you following the new guidelines?

In 2020, The General Binding Rules changed to state that discharges from septic tanks directly to watercourses are prohibited. Therefore, you may need to update and upgrade the treatment system to comply with current rules.

Cotswold Drainage offers a variety of services with Septic Tank problems, just some of our services include:

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Conversion of a tank to a Treatment Plant
  • Reports and Investigations
  • Sorting out soakaway problems

At Cotswold Drainage we offer finance options to help you with a new installation along with a 25-year guarantee and an annual service and maintenance programme to help you keep your tank in tip-top condition. So, if you need help with your septic tank call us on 01386 882324 or fill out our enquiry form.