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How to check if your septic tank need emptying

16th March 2022

A septic tank is designed to collect sewage and wastewater from households that are not connected to the mains sewer. It’s an efficient way to deal with the waste from your household but does require some maintenance.  Septic tanks do need to be emptied at regular intervals, but how often can vary depending on your model. We recommend having your septic tank emptied regularly, but knowing the tell-tale signs of when your septic tank needs emptying might save you in the long run.

1. Overflowing

As the septic tank gets full, the most obvious sign that this has happened will be overflowing. You might notice pools of water surrounding where your septic tank is located. This could indicate that solid waste has blocked up the system, which means the water is pushed up to the surface. Also lookout for a healthy lawn, noticeable healthier than the rest of your garden. This could indicate there is a leak and it’s time to get your septic tank looked at.

2. A bad smell

When we’re talking about household waste and septic tanks, the smell is never a pleasant one. If you notice a bad smell that can’t be accounted for close to where your septic tank is, then it’s time for someone to come out and have a look.

3. Slow Drains

You might notice your drains stop working as well as they used to. This one is much harder to diagnose, as they could be a multitude of reasons as to why your drains are not draining as they used to. If you notice this across your home and after trying traditional drain remedies; then it might be time to empty that all-important septic tank.

4. Pipe gurgling sounds

Again, with slow drains, if you hear that dreaded gurgling sound coming from your drains. This doesn’t mean that your septic tanks need emptying, but it may indicate something is wrong. Especially if you can hear it from multiple drains. Then is it probably time to get them checked out.

It's important to empty your septic tank at regular intervals and have any required maintenance carried out. This can help fix any small problems before they become bigger problems with a big bill.

Cotswold Drainage offers a variety of services with Septic Tank problems, just some of our services include:

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Conversion of a tank to a Treatment Plant
  • Reports and Investigations
  • Sorting out soakaway problems

At Cotswold Drainage we offer a 25-year guarantee along with an annual service and maintenance contract so make sure you contact us for your new installation systems!

Get in touch today to talk about your Septic tank needs!