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Worcester Septic
Tank Services

For your septic tank services in Worcester, look no further than Cotswold Drainage. We are here to help throughout the whole process, straight from installation to inspection. Our speciality is making our services a hassle-free experience.

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New General Binding Rules

As of January 2020, new regulations regarding the use of septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants came into effect. This applies to all individuals who own, operate or manage such systems throughout England. Septic tanks have the potential to harm both the environment and our health, so the GBR 2020 has been put in place to mitigate this. Whilst some exemptions apply to those septic tanks that discharge into the ground as opposed to surface water, three general rules still apply and will need to be implemented to comply with new legislation.

  • Installation – Septic tanks within England must be installed adhering to instructions as provided by the manufacturer.
  • Maintenance – Septic tanks must be cleaned and emptied frequently to avoid environmental pollution.
  • Waste – For septic tanks that discharge into wastewater, this must only be done if the environmental standards are met.

Septic Tank Specialist Near Worcester

As specialists in drainage systems, you can trust us to ensure your septic tank continues running smoothly and adheres to code. Here at Cotswold Drainage, we offer a range of services including septic tank cleaning, emptying, and removal all in the Worcester County. With more than 25 years of industry experience, we are confident that your septic tank system is in the right hands.

Our Septic Tank Services in Worcester

Putting off your septic tank maintenance only leads to more trouble in the long run. Unpleasant smells, unsanitary conditions and even possible operational issues. These are problems we want to avoid and are certain you do too. Let our team handle the essential maintenance of your septic tank with the extensive range of services we have to offer.

Septic Tank Installation Birmingham - Septic tank installed into the ground

Septic Tank Installation Worcester

We cover both septic tank installation and removal within the Worcester region, ensuring your system is fitted in line with regulatory standards. Whether it’s you’re first time installing a septic tank, have a system that is no longer in use or are ready to upgrade your existing system, here at Cotswold Drainage, our services are here to fit your needs.

Contact our friendly team today and we’ll be more than happy to talk through any questions or queries you may have.

Septic Tank Emptying Worcester

We are happy to extend our septic tank cleaning and emptying services within Worcester and the surrounding areas.

In order to keep your septic tank in optimal condition, it should be cleaned a minimum of once per year. Whilst this will depend on your household’s usage and the specific type of system installed, an annual clean should prevent any blockages or general usage issues down the line.

If the cost of septic tank emptying within Worcester and surrounding areas is something you would like to discuss, feel free to contact us today.

Septic Tank Emptying Birmingham at domestic property

Worcester Treatment Plant Conversions

Septic tanks that discharge into watercourses must be replaced or converted in accordance with the General Binding Rules 2020. With our treatment plant conversions, you can keep your current system as our specialist technology treats your wastewater in line with environmental standards. Not only is this a cost-friendly measure but our team can do so with minimal disruption to you and your household.

For any questions contact our expert team today.

Worcester Septic Tank Inspections and Assessments

Maintenance issues and faults are not uncommon for septic tanks, however spotting this early will minimise the associated risks that come with this. It might be difficult to tell if your septic tank needs a repair so look out for leaks, bad smells or a general decline in the functioning of your septic tank. If you do spot any issues, call out a professional septic tank engineer who can provide your drainage system with a full inspection and assessment.

Your Septic Tank Experts Near Worcester

For quality septic tank services in and around Worcester, look no further than Cotswold Drainage. We serve both domestic and commercial drainage systems, and our handy 24/7 service means any emergency can be dealt with in a timely manner.

If you are looking for specialist septic tank engineers based in Worcester UK, feel free to speak to a member of the team who would be more than happy to help.