Treatment Plant Servicing and Installation

Treatment plant installations

Cotswold Drainage are specialists in supplying and installing treatment plants of all sizes.

We also advise on regular servicing of treatment plants and sewage pumping stations, to ensure smooth running at all times!

How it works...

Raw sewage gravitates into the septic tank/cesspool and is then aerated by air released from the bubble diffuser that rises up the distributor tube into the aeration zone. The sewage is completely mixed with the oxygen, which allows the growth of aerobic organisms that break down the wastewater contaminants, by biological action.

The air required for the process is provided by an air pump that is located in an adjacent shed or garage or within a purpose built GRP housing.

As raw sewage enters the tank, this displaces treated effluent from the aeration zone to the final settlement zone. The treated effluent flows slowly up through the final settlement zone until it reaches the discharge point.

The final effluent is discharged via the outlet syphon where it is lifted and flows to the discharge point, which can be at ground level. The discharge flow is controlled with a uni-directional flow regulator.

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