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Septic Tank Cleaning and Installation Services

Septic tanks are one of our main specialities. We cover it all, from repairs and maintenance to upgrading your old septic tank to a sewage treatment plant.

We have over 25 years of experience and offer annual service and maintenance packages. We can keep your waste systems clean and problem-free, all year round.

If you have concerns regarding your system, we are happy to answer any questions that will give you peace of mind.

Septic tank services

New septic tank regulations?

In 2020, The General Binding Rules changed to state that discharges from septic tanks directly to watercourses are prohibited. Therefore, you may need your septic tank upgraded or replaced to comply with current legislation.

These rules were put in place to protect the environment and human health by ensuring that septic tanks are to be installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. These systems also need to be regularly emptied and maintained to prevent overflowing and pollution.

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Contact our friendly and professional team via form, phone or email for any drainage issues you may have.

From blocked drains to septic tank repairs and replacements, we're here to help. We have over 25 years of experience and offer 24/7 emergency callouts.

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Fast, friendly and efficient local service. Highly recommend.

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Great service went above and beyond to try and solve our problems with broken pipes. Would definitely recommend to others.

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Brilliant - thank you for clearing those pesky blocked drains. I am thrilled. Job well done!

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They did an excellent job of fixing a drain blockage. Turned out to be a hair comb that had somehow gut flushed down the toilet.
No idea!
Will definitely use them again the next time I do something stupid.

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    Looking for help with your septic tank or sewage treatment plant?

    Our septic tank services

    With over 25 years of experience, Cotswold Drainage can provide a host of septic tank services, eliminating the hassle of performing the cleaning, pumping, installation, removal and more from your hands.

    Our services are designed to work to your schedule and reassure you that your septic system adheres to all UK laws and regulations.

    Septic tank installation
    Group of septic tanks ready for installation

    Installations and removals

    Looking to install a new septic tank or sewage treatment plant? Our friendly and professional team are here to help!

    If you have an existing septic tank that is no longer used or required, we can remove it safely with minimal disruption to your home or site.

    Cleaning and pumping

    Septic tank cleaning is required at least once per year to avoid any nasty surprises. We can provide this cleaning using our specialist equipment to pump the wastewater, solids and sludge from the tank leaving it ready for efficient cleaning.

    Our cleaning and septic tank pumping service will ensure your system will work more effectively and last much longer. It also helps to prevent issues such as risks to human life and the surroundings, keeping your home healthy and safe.

    Septic tank cleaning
    Two septic tanks ready for installation

    Treatment plant conversions

    Our team are well trained and experienced with treatment plant conversions. This process transforms your current tank into a sewage treatment system, saving you the costs of replacing your septic tank. A treatment plant conversion will adhere to the laws outlined in The General Binding Rules, 2020, keeping you safe and compliant with the regulations.


    If you are unsure of what service you require, we will complete a full survey to assess what the best course of action is to treat your system.

    From there, we will recommend one of our other septic tank services to help you get back on track.

    septic tank surveys
    Cotswold Drainage team member

    How can we help?

    As a leading drainage company, we offer a variety of services with Septic Tank problems, just some of our services include:

    • Installation
    • Removal
    • Conversion of a tank to a Treatment Plant
    • Reports and Investigations
    • Sorting out soakaway problems

    At Cotswold Drainage we offer a 25-year guarantee along with an annual service and maintenance contract so make sure you contact us for your new installation systems!

    What happens if you never pump out your septic tank?

    If a septic tank is not pumped then they are prone to a gradual build-up of deposits and waste, which will counteract the natural digesting action of the micro-organisms which normally break them down. This will lead to the malfunction of the system causing blockages, bad smells, overflowing and consequent boggy conditions in the overflow area around the tank.

    septic tank cleaning
    Installation of Septic Tank

    Septic tank repair: How to tell if you need to repair your septic tank

    Septic tank repairs are necessary for a variety of reasons, primarily to lessen environmental harm and the risk to people's health and safety. If you begin to notice pooling water around your septic tank or notice any bad smells coming from your slow-flushing drains, it is essential to get in touch as soon as possible. We can then assess what might be causing the issues and if any repairs need to be carried out.

    You can contact our expert team here at Cotswold Drainage to complete a survey and commit to any repairs you may need by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Why choose us?

    Cotswold Drainage has more than 25 years of experience in providing a range of septic tank services throughout the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. We are CHAS-approved for health and safety and are a member of Constructionline, so you can rest assured that we will provide the best possible service involving your septic tank. We also use the latest technology to complete every job safely and legally.

    We offer a 25-year guarantee on all new installations, along with annual service and maintenance plans. These ensure your system will stay in top-condition for many years to come.

    Why choose Cotswold Drainage septic tank services

    Septic Tanks FAQs

    What is a septic tank?

    A septic tank is an underground, watertight container designed to treat and dispose of household wastewater on site. Typically made of concrete, fibreglass or plastic, septic tanks tend to be buried in the garden or grounds of your property. Septic tanks work by collectecting all your wastewater, separating any solids from the rest of the liquid using a series of chambers and pipes. Whilst the solids settle at the bottom of your tank to be broken down naturally by bacteria, the liquids flow out of the tank into a drainfield or leach field, where they are further treated before being absorbed into the soil.

    Septic tanks are commonly used in rural areas where homes and properties are not connected to mains sewage systems. Proper maintenance, including regular pumping and inspection, is required to ensure that your septic tank system continues to operate effectively and safely, in compliance with UK regulations and standards.

    How does a septic tank work?

    Septic tanks are underground wastewater treatment systems typically used in rural areas and areas without access to centralised sewer systems. They work by separating solid waste from liquid waste, and then allowing the liquid to flow into a nearby drainfield for further treatment.

    Learn more by reading our detailed guide, 'Septic Tank Maintenance: How Does a Septic Tank Work?'

    Do septic tanks need emptying?

    Yes. Septic tanks do need to be emptied periodically to prevent the build-up of solids and scum that could clog the system and cause it to fail. The frequency of pumping depends on several factors, such as the size of your septic tank, the number of people using the system, the amount of water used and the type of solids entering the tank.

    As a general rule of thumb, septic tanks should be pumped once every three to five years. However, certain systems may need to be pumped more frequently.

    How often do I need to empty my septic tank?

    The process of emptying a septic tank is also known as pumping. Generally speaking, if you have a smaller septic tank or consume more water, your septic tank will require pumping more often than a larger septic tank or tanks that serve buildings or households that consume less water. Nevertheless, as a general rule, you should pump your septic tank once every three to five years.

    In addition to regular emptying and pumping, we recommend getting your septic tank checked by a professional company on an annual or biannual basis, in order to ensure that all the components continue to operate efficiently. This should help to prevent potentially costly issues from developing in the long run.

    How much does it cost to empty a septic tank?

    The cost of emptying your septic tank will depend on how large your tank is and how easy or difficult it is to access. Nevertheless, at Cotswold Drainage, we pride ourselves on emptying septic tanks at competitive prices, providing a high-quality professional service without the financial burden.

    It’s important to note that the cost of emptying your septic tank is negligible when compared to the costs of repairing or replacing a failed system. As such, this small investment in regular maintenance is well worth it.

    Are above-ground septic tanks legal?

    Above-ground septic tanks are legal in the UK, but they must meet certain regulations and requirements. The UK Environment Agency currently regulates the installation, use and disposal of all sewage treatment systems, including above-ground septic tanks.

    In England and Wales, septic tanks that discharge into surface water must have been replaced or upgraded by the 1st of January, 2020 or earlier if the property had already been sold. This measure was designed to prevent pollution and protect the environment. Septic tanks that discharge into drainage fields or soakaways were not affected by these regulations.

    It's important to note that if an above-ground septic tank is used, it must be suitable for the intended purpose. This includes having the capacity to handle the amount of wastewater generated by the relevant property or household. It must also be located in an appropriate area.

    If you’re unsure about your above-ground septic tank, it’s best to consult a professional drainage company like Cotswold Drainage for advice. Indeed, our friendly experts are on hand to ensure your above-ground septic tank meets all the necessary requirements and is installed and maintained correctly.

    How much does a septic tank survey cost in the UK?

    Septic tank surveys help to assess the condition of your septic tank, identifying any issues and determining whether or not maintenance work and repairs are required.

    Whilst the survey itself may be relatively low cost, depending on the condition of your tank, the costs of the recommended maintenance work may not be. Nevertheless, it’s essential that you act fast to prevent more serious problems.

    The end price will therefore differ on a case-by-case basis and it’s always best to get in touch for a more accurate quote.

    How do you remove an old concrete septic tank?

    Removing an old concrete septic tank is a complex and potentially hazardous process that should only be carried out by qualified professionals. If you need your old concrete septic tank removed, speak to a professional today.



    Can I plant trees or shrubs near my septic tank system?

    Generally speaking, we would advise people to avoid planting trees or shrubs near their septic tank systems, as this may result in root ingress in drains causing damage to pipes or the drainage field. If you do plant trees or shrubs, choose species with shallow roots and plant them at least ten feet away.

    What can happen if Septic Tanks are left?

    Septic Tanks are prone to a gradual build-up of deposits and a slowing down of the natural digesting action of the micro-organisms which normally break them down. Leading to malfunctioning of the septic tank causing, blockages, bad smells, overflowing and consequent boggy conditions in the overflow area around the septic tank.

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      What is their environmental impact?

      Environmentally, non-mains sewage systems can pollute groundwater if they are poorly located, built, or operated, affecting the water supplies such as, drinking water or water for livestock. It can also surface water in rivers and streams. Septic tanks, however, use natural biological processes to break down sewage and wastewater, producing a discharge that is harmless and safe when added slowly to well aerated soil.

      Through CCTV drain sureys, we can report and investigate any sewer systems you may be concerned about, alongside installing, and servicing you with a septic tank that is much kinder to the environment.

      Don't just take our word for it, read our trusted 5* reviews here!

      "Very hardworking and extremely efficient process from beginning to end."

      - Updated septic tank