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Rainy Days in the Office – Managing Drainage During the Floods

20th November 2023

The good old British weather can play havoc on our drains, especially when there are large periods of rain. With floods becoming a common occurrence as the climate crisis continues, you may find that your office drainage isn’t quite up to scratch. It’s important to realise when you have a drainage problem, what may be causing these issues and the best way to resolve them.

Here at Cotswold Drainage, we provide a range of services that will be sure to sort out any office drainage problems you have. Rainy days cause a multitude of issues with drains, whether it’s a blockage from debris such as leaves, sticks or even litter blocking your drain or any drainage damage that needs repairing after a long spell of bad weather.

Addressing any drainage issues early is always a bonus, it can save you time and money whilst preventing any disruption that may be caused to your office and organisation. In sourcing a drainage company like us at Cotswold Drainage, your drainage problems can be addressed quickly and correctly to avoid any further damage later down the line.

Common Drainage Issues Your Office May Face During a Flood

Unfortunately, offices don’t always escape the damage of a flood and there may be some issues your organisation faces after a few rainy days. When it comes to drainage issues, it can be something like blocked drains from debris that has been washed down by the bad weather. A blocked drain can also lead to drainage overflow issues as the water has nowhere to run when the drain is blocked.

Another serious issue your office drainage could face is water seeping into areas of your property, causing more damage and disrupting your workflow. The consequences of leaving drainage problems can cause more harm than good long term. Neglecting to prevent and treat these issues could lead to a more significant problem with your office drainage and even with your business. It is extremely common for drains to experience difficulties after a bout of poor weather, so keeping on top of drain maintenance or calling in a specialist when you are experiencing drainage issues is always a good idea.

The Importance of Proactive Drainage Management for Business Continuity

It is critical that you keep your drains well-maintained if you want to avoid drainage issues at any point. If you want your business to operate successfully no matter the weather then office drainage is important and shouldn’t be ignored, no matter how irrelevant it feels.

Proactive drain management can save your business a lot of money, protect employee safety and preserve overall workplace functionality. It is important to remember drainage systems carry waste and surface water away from your premises, the last thing you need is water flow to stop and have waste entering your car park or into your building. Deciding to ignore or leave these drainage problems to the last minute can cause long-term effects that will be more costly than preventative office drainage maintenance.

Expert Advice from Cotswold Drainage on Managing Office Drainage During Rainy Seasons:

At Cotswold Drainage we have some advice that’ll help you manage your drains whatever the weather.

  • Installing grease traps in kitchens or food preparation areas to prevent grease or oil from entering the drainage system.
  • In outdoor areas have manhole or drain covers to prevent debris such as leaves or litter entering and blocking your office drainage systems.
  • Make sure all staff are trained on waste disposal practices.
  • Upgrade any old drains. If you need to replace your drainage system, then we can help at Cotswold Drainage.
  • It is crucial to include regular inspections in your drainage maintenance plan, these inspections can help with determining drainage issues early.

Month-Specific Considerations

This winter, your organisation could be hit with some of the worst weather. Rain and British winter usually come hand in hand so it’s important to remember to keep up any office drainage maintenance during these months. If it’s too late and you think your drainage problems are getting worse, then let us know at Cotswold Drainage.

If you’re experiencing significant drainage problems, then Cotswold Drainage can help you resolve any issues your office may have. Remember that the weather will always have an impact on your office drainage systems, so ensuring your organisation keeps up with regular drainage maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your drains. For our services, contact us via 01386 882324 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.