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How can I fix my waterlogged garden?

21st January 2022

A waterlogged garden is not difficult to fix, and it shouldn’t be hugely expensive. Looking to fix your sitting water can help improve the appearance of your garden during times of heavy or persistent rainfall. With a little bit of careful planning, you can help improve your garden. The solution, however, will depend on what is creating the sitting water or flooding in the first place, and how severe the problem is.

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For only slight puddles or occasional sitting water, you may think that installing additional drainage or digging some ditches is too much work. There are still ways you can help reduce excess water from affecting your garden. 

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways is to collect the water. You can install a rain barrel to collect water from any outbuildings such as a garden shed, or you can install a downpipe collector. The water can then be used to water your plants or vegetation during the spring and summer months.

Another easy and effective way is to pick the right plants! 

Planting species that are well-suited to the soil type in your garden can have a positive impact on your waterlogging problems and provides a simple solution to help with minor water problems. As an example, Geraniums take on a lot of water and like clay soil. Hydrangeas are great for wet soils and can help during times of heavy rainfall.

If you have a waterlogged garden, field or yard and it’s beyond these simple solutions then the team here at Cotswold Drainage can help you with all your drainage needs. We help with drainage solutions throughout Evesham, Worcestershire, and the Cotswolds. Get in touch for some free friendly advice!

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