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Drainage Management for Schools: Preventing Blockages and Disruptions

20th November 2023

School drainage is of the utmost importance – without proactive management, the risk to students and the environment will be high. Schools have some of the highest volumes of waste which can result in costly repairs and damage if not sustained appropriately. A well-maintained and set-up drainage system in school establishments will mitigate the risk of blockages, which can cause major disruption.

School drainage systems undertake a great challenge due to the sheer volume of waste that is produced daily. Therefore, they need to be durable and resistant to all types of damage. Blockages and disruptions to school drainage systems can be stopped with our help at Cotswold Drainage, and in this blog, we’re going to explain exactly how.

The Cotswold Drainage Advantage

Here at Cotswold Drainage, we are the experts with decades of experience helping schools manage and maintain their drainage systems. We understand the importance of drainage systems in schools and how to maintain them, and with our solutions, including unblocking, school drainage repairs, and drain relining, your school will be in safe hands.

Understanding School Drainage Challenges

Over time, general wear and tear takes its toll on a school drainage system. That’s why it is highly beneficial to frequently check for damages, such as burst or collapsed pipes, so you’ll be in a better position if there is an issue. Many schools across the UK have been standing for decades, and many of the drainage systems have not been checked over. Some school drainage systems may be outdated and have become weakened by rigorous, daily use.

Pipes can also be susceptible to Mother Nature, with pipe intrusions from tree roots being a common problem for drainage systems in schools. Tree roots will detect water from your pipes and naturally grow towards them. It only takes a small gap but, once inside, the tree roots will continue to grow at a rapid pace leading to additional damage and causing substantial blockages.

Speaking of blockages, all manner of waste is flushed down into a school drainage system. Students of all ages will flush a host of waste that can cause significant blockages, and without a school drainage system that is hard-wearing and designed to manage blockages, long-term damage is inevitable. Items that aren’t meant to be flushed will, unfortunately, end up in a school drainage system, some items will enter naturally, such as leaves, while other waste will purposely be flushed. Some of the most common items that cause blockages in school drainage systems include baby wipes and wet wipes, significant amounts of toilet paper, food packaging, makeup waste, and human waste.

Key Strategies for Preventing Blockages

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand how to prevent blockages in your school’s drainage system.

You should establish a routine maintenance schedule for your school drainage system, with each check involving looking for any signs of damage or potential blockages. If there is any slow drainage or unusual noises, this could indicate problems. Regular cleaning of drains and gutters, and removing debris and leaves, is essential to keep your drainage system functioning.

You can detect problems early with a CCTV drain survey, which Cotswold Drainage is proficient in performing. A CCTV drain survey will assess the drainage system in your school in real time, identifying blockages, leaks, root intrusion, or any other structural damage.

It is essential that staff and students understand how important it is to maintain clear drainage systems. Education on the proper disposal of waste must be addressed, and understanding the dangers associated with flushing the wrong items can be achieved with the right educational assistance.

By combining these strategies, schools can significantly reduce the risk of drainage blockages, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient environment for students and staff.

Dealing With the Colder Months

During November and December, the UK temperature drops with rain and sometimes snow increasing exponentially. These changes can significantly impact drainage systems in schools and elsewhere. Freezing temperatures can lead to pipes freezing, leading to bursts and blockages. Insulating pipes is an effective measure to counter this risk.

Drainage areas must also be kept clear of snow and ice build-up. Melting snow can lead to a sudden increase in water flow, which can lead to further problems if the school drainage system isn’t clear. Clearing gutters and drainage areas of leaves is another vital practice to implement as they can result in blockages. Gutter guards are a viable solution to help keep drains clear of leaves.

Emergency Plans and Drainage Repairs with Cotswold Drainage

Trouble doesn’t wait around when it comes to school drainage systems. Having an emergency plan in place is essential and Cotswold Drainage is here to help. We can help efficiently manage your school drainage system with our comprehensive services, including emergency drain unblocking and school drainage repairs. We are the experts you can trust to investigate all types of problems and solve them efficiently and effectively, minimising disruption and reducing any environmental and health concerns. Get in touch with us today to ensure your school’s drainage system is in top shape by calling us at 01386 882324 or sending us an enquiry using our contact form.