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Common ways to unblock your drain

15th November 2022

We have all been there you come home to find that your sinks aren’t draining as quickly as usual, or you find yourself standing in an inch or two of water when taking a shower. This means that you’ve got a blocked drain. There is a multitude of things that cause drains to block, but we’re going to cover the most common ways to unblock your drain.

4 Common Ways to Unblock Domestic Drains

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Two common household items that can work wonders when attempting to unblock your drains. You can use equal parts of each to create a small unblocking remedy. When you combine them, they should start to fizz and then pour it down your drain that’s blocked. You can leave for an hour or longer to let it go to work and then use some hot water to flush it out afterwards.

Boiling Water

The simplest method on this list, but not one to be overlooked. Simply pour some boiling water down the affected drain. It will clear any obstruction and for the best results pour in two stages.


The trusty plunger. A less common household item, but not one that is too hard to get ahold of. Using a plunger on the drain is an effective way to remove any blockages or obstructions. It might take a little longer and persistence is required but should get the job done in the end.

Domestic Drain Unblockers

There is a whole range of domestic drain unblockers you can buy from the supermarket. These are chemical unblockers and when poured down your drain should clear the toughest blockages, it must be noted to follow the product's instructions on how to use them.

There we have some of the simplest and cheapest ways to unblock your drain at home with household items. For most cases, any of the above should be able to take care of your drainage problems. If you do find that this isn’t working and require a professional to come and check it out. Cotswold Drainage are on hand to deal with your domestic drain blockages.